Scientific Staff

Dr. (Mrs) C Tara Satyavathi

Dr. (Mrs) C Tara Satyavathi

M.Sc. (Ag) in Genetics & Plant Breeding, Ph.D. in Genetics

  • Ph.D. in the year 1998 from Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi.
  • Worked as Project Coordinator ICAR - AICRP on Pearl Millet, Rajasthan and Principal Scientist in the Division of Genetics, IARI, New Delhi.
  • Research is mainly focused on quality parameters in rice, crossability relationship and made hybridization in Brassica Sps, genetic improvement, development of minimal descriptor, National Test guidelines, reference varieties for DUS Testing in Soybean, use of marker technologies like AFLP, SSRs in discerning diversity in soybean, identification of QTL(s) for seed coat permeability, breeding for bold seeded soybean with improved seed germination.
  • Re-oriented pearl millet programme and brought it to the present day of fame.
  • Developed hybrids (2) varieties (3), identified QTL(s) for downy mildew resistance, agronomically important traits, developed and identified high grain iron and zinc pearl millet lines, mapping populations for downy mildew resistance, thermo tolerance, genetic stocks for high lysine, high tryptophan, white coloured pearl millet lines that are of use in food industry.

Project Coordinator (Pearl millet)

  • Introduced minimum iron and zinc content in the promotion criteria in varietal release policy for the first time ever in the world and facilitated release of 35 hybrids and varieties with minimum 42 ppm iron and 32 ppm zinc leading to the nutritional security of rural masses, women, children and the nation.
  • As Project Coordinator, facilitated the release of technical recommendation – Plant production (5) and Plant Protection (5).
  • Developed product profiles in Pearl millet for different production ecologies
  • Research efforts addressing rancidity in pearl millet - NAE funded project developed with Division of Biochemistry, IARI
  • Development of material and technologies for very dry areas with rainfall less than 400 mm annual rainfall were taken up.
  • Published 140 research papers in reputed national and international journals, 3 books, 24 book chapters.
  • PG guidance: Successfully guided 3 students for Ph.D. and 8 students for M. Sc degree; currently guiding 2 Ph.D. students at AU, Jodhpur
  • Member, Task Force on Enhancement of Production and Productivity of Millets for IYOM.
  • Served as Vice President, ISGPB (2018-2019), member of IMC (CAZRI), member of BOM (SDAU), member of AAAC of DEI (for Botany Dept)


  • Eminent Scientist Award (2023) from Agrivision
  • M.S. Swaminathan Woman Scientist Award (2019).
  • Outstanding research contribution in Pearl Millet Improvement in the country (2018, 2020)
  • Outstanding Millet Scientist award (2018)
  • Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Outstanding Woman Scientist award (2016)

Dr (Mrs) Tara Satyavathi