Scientific Staff

Dr. Baswaraj Raigond

Dr. Baswaraj Raigond

Discipline: Plant Pathology (Virology) | Designation: Senior Scientist | At IIMR Since: October 2021


Academic Qualifications

Degree Institute/ University Year of completion Subject(s) with major field
Ph D U.A.S, Dharwad 2010 Plant Virology
MSc (Ag.) UAS, Dharwad 2006 Plant Pathology
BSc (Ag.) UAS, Dharwad 2003 Agriculture

Employment Record & Experience (Starting from the present position)

Designation Organization Institution & place of posting Period
(years, months)
Senior Scientist ICAR ICAR-IIMR, RS, Solapur 2021 to till date Since October 2021 to till date 
Senior Scientist ICAR ICAR-CPRI, Shimla 2018- 2021 2 years 10 months
Scientist ICAR ICAR-CPRI, Shimla 2010- 2018 8 years 8 months
Scientist ICAR NAARM, Hyderabad 2009-2010 Four months

Current responsibilities:

  • Involved in studies on viral diseases of Sorghum and other millets.
  • Screening of Inter-mated Double Crosses (IDC) and other breeding lines for their level of resistance against foliar and soil borne diseases.
  • Conducting AICRP trials of Pathology and Entomology.

Recent 3 major contributions:

  • Developed several molecular based diagnostic assays uniplex and multiplex RT-PCR and real time RT-PCR, Rolling Circle Amplification (RCA) assays for detection of important viruses infecting potato i.e., PVY, PLRV, ToLCNDV, PVA, PVM, PVS, PVX and PSTVd.
  • More recently, Isothermal based molecular techniques like Loop mediated isotheral amplification (LAMP) and Recombinase Polymerase Amplification (RPA) assay were developed for detection of potato viruses (PLRV, PVX, PVA and ToLCNDV), viroid (PSTVd) and Phytophthora infestans. Associated in development of RT-LAMP assay for the detection of Apple chlorotic leaf spot virus in apple and pear plants.
  • The molecular diagnostic assays like RT-PCR, Print Capture PCR and Squash Print RT- Loop mediated isotheral amplification asays were developed to determine the viruliferous nature of insect vectors i.e., aphids, whitefly and thrip’s.
  • Involved: A methodology to estimate Gibberellins (GA) in potato by DAS-ELISA.
  • Associated with the development of a multiple disease and pest resistant potato variety Kufri Karan (SM/00-42) for Indian hills & plateaus. Suitable for table purpose with high dry matter (18.8%), good keeping quality, dormancy >6 weeks and good chip colour.

Recent awards and recognitions:

  • Awarded with Indian Potato Association (IPA) “Kaushalaya Sikka Award” for the period 2009-2013 for outstanding research contribution in the area of “Development of diagnostic tools for virus detection in potato for augmenting healthy seed production¬”.
  • ICAR-CPRI Best Worker Award (Scientific Category) for the year 2020 by CPRI, Shimla.
  • “Achiever Award” confirmed by “Society for Advancement of Human & Nature” (SADHNA). The award was presented during a National Seminar during 5-7th June 2019 at Dr YS Parmar University of Horticulture & Forestry, Solan (H.P).
  • “Young Scientist Award” presented during 2nd International Conference at Dr YS Parmar University of Horticulture & Forestry, Nauni, Solan (H.P) during 27-29th September 2019.
  • Best paper/ presentation awards: 10

Current collaborative activities:

  • Breeding for disease resistance where the line are being screened for their level of resistance to foliar and soil borne diseases

Recent most significant publications:

  • Baswaraj Raigond, Pathania, S., Verma, A. Gaurav Verma, Tarvinder Kochhar and S. K. Chakrabarti (2021). Recombinase Polymerase Amplification assay for rapid detection of a geminivirus associated with potato apical leaf curl disease. J Plant Dis Prot 128, 1061-1071.
  • Baswaraj Raigond, Ambika V, Shruti P, Sridhar J, Tarvinder K and SK Chakrabarti (2020). Development of a reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification for detection of Potato virus A in potato and in insect vector aphids. Crop Protection, 137, 105296.
  • Baswaraj Raigond, Ambika V, Sridhar J, Tarvinder K, Sanjeev S and SK Chakrabarti (2020). Squash Print Reverse Transcription-LAMP assay for detection of Potato leafroll virus in single aphid and in potato. Potato Research. 63: 1-14.
  • Sridhar J, Vallepu V, Shah MA, Neelam K, Anuj B, Baswaraj Raigond and Chakrabarti S K (2021). Incidence of the cabbage aphid, Brevicoryne brassicae L. in potato crops in India and its efficiency for transmission of potato virus Yo. Int J Trop Insect Sci. 42, 285-291
  • Gaurav Verma, Baswaraj Raigond, Shruti Pathania, Tarvinder Kochhar, Kailash Naga (2020). Development and comparison of reverse transcription-loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay (RT-LAMP), RT-PCR and real time PCR for detection of Potato spindle tuber viroid in potato”. Eur J Plant Pathol (2020) 158:951–964.

Books/ book chapters/ Popular articles/ Technical bulletins

  • Book 1, Book chapters 6, popular articles 6, Gene accessions in (NCBI) more than 30

Externally funded projects (completed)

  • “Development and application of diagnostics to virus, viroid and phytoplasama infecting potato” funded under “CRP on Vaccine and Diagnostics” by ICAR (Principal Investigator).
  • “Development of recombinant antibody production system against potato viruses” funded under “Extramural Research Project” by ICAR, New Delhi (Principal Investigator).
  • “Quantum dots for detection and intracellular localization of potato viruses” funded under “CRP on Nanotechnology” by ICAR, New Delhi (Principal Investigator).
  • “Biodegradable and antimicrobial nano-composite films based on potato starch for food packaging application” funded under “CRP on Nanotechnology” by ICAR (Co-PI).
  • “Discovering the potential source of Ribosome inactivating proteins (RIPs) from the plants found in Himalayan eco-system for inhibition of Potato virus Y” funded under DST-SERB (N-PDF). As Mentor and Dr. Pooja Bhardwaj as PI.
  • “Exploring the potentiality of microflora from Himalayan ecosystem for synthesis of silver nanoparticles & their application in management of R. solanacearum infecting potato” funded by DST-SERB (N-PDF). As Mentor and Dr. Ambika Verma as PI.

Other professional activities:

  • Reviewer: Frontiers of microbiol, J. Envt Biology, Ind. Phytopathology, Potato J, Virus Dis.
  • Life members: Indian Potato Association, Indian Phytopathological Society, Electron Microscopic Society of India, Indian Virological Society, Society for Advancement of Human & Nature, AEDS and Society for Millets Research.
  • “Socially Aware Nominee” of the Institute Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC) of L.R. Institute of Pharmacy, Solan and School of Pharmacy, IEC University, Baddi, Solan, constituted CPCSEA, Dept. of Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Govt. of India.
  • Undergone training on “small RNA library preparation and sequence assembly for virus identification” at International Potato Center (CIP), Lima, Peru.
  • Students guided: Post Doc Fellows: 2, Ph. D: 3 and Masters: 5.

Dr. Baswaraj Raigond